Monday, July 23, 2012

New life!

Hi Everyone,

The reason that it has been so long since my last post is that Kaia and I became parents to a beautiful baby boy! Eivind Søvik-Siragusa was born the 16th of May at 12:10 pm and weighed 3200 grams. He is now almost 3 months old and is already a seasoned hand in the kennel. When we free run the dogs he is with us in his little harness. Careful licks and snuffles from the curious huskies elicit smiles and excited exclamations from the little fellow.
We have also been renovating our house, with lots of help from my Dad. The upper floor was almost not insulated, so we tore off all the outer panels and are re-insulating the entire house. It turned into a huge job, but we are making good progress and having fun. We are done with all the outer stuff soon, and will begin on the inner stuff (like insulating the room above the kitchen) as soon as we can.

Ethan has become a father to his first Norwegian litter. Hera is the female, and she and her puppies are doing great here. Once the pups are 8 weeks old Hera and the gang will go back Jan and Mai Tove to join the ranks of Kennel Riverjoy. Ethan's second litter is already on its way with Mathea, a lovely female from Ronny Frydenlund, although she was originally bred by Stein Haavard Fjestad. They are expecting her pups the last weekend in August or the first in September. Exciting stuff!
                                                                            Ethan and Hera

Marble and Nikkel's puppies have grown huge. HUGE. They are 4 months old and already the males are tipping the scales at 40 pounds. Not fat, just HUGE.

We are just a few days from starting Fall training here at Ropphaugen Huskies. We are excited for the prospect of a new season with more seasoned dogs and some new racing adventures. We are already signed up for the Femundløpet, and will sign up for the Gausdal 5-mila and Gausdal Maraton as soon as it is possible to do so.

Hoping everyone is having a great summer!