Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Fall

Hello all!

So early fall jumped to late fall without any middle time. The temps have gone from cool to cold overnight and now we have frozen ground and hard frost every night.
The dogs are training like champions this fall. We have done several hundred Km of training so far and they are just looking great. Our new dogs are exceeding expectations so far. We will see what the rest of the winter brings but, so far, we are thrilled with them.
The chainsaw has been busy getting all of the dry wood for this winter cut into stove length pieces and cutting enough green wood for next winter.
Subchief was injured by a much bigger dog. He survived the fight and the infection that followed, and is now back out in the dog yard. He weighed less than half what the other dog did. The other dog lost three teeth in the fight but is now fine.
We are looking forward to this winter very much. We are really excited to train the puppies we have gotten so familiar with and see what they are made of! We are hoping to make it to many of the races this year. We won't run the races ourselves of course, but we are really looking forward to helping out and handling. I will be writing articles for Mushing Magazine about all the races, so those of you that subscribe... keep an eye out!

We are planning a trip back to the states again this early December.

Updates as events warrent.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally sun!

Hey Everyone,

The sun is finally out again! We have had 24 hour rain for the last week and it was starting to get old let me tell you! We were lucky to get the new kennel set up before the real rain started, so the dogs are in better shape than they would have been before! With eveyone a little more spread out and with a little more space, they can avoid most of the mud. The puppies have been absolute stars about living out with the big dogs. There has been very little whining and a lot of playing and good behavior. We are very proud.

Getting the kennel finished was a real group effort. Per and Bjørn and Tyler all pitched in and gave us a hand. Tyler worked for more than ten hours making this happen and then made everyone dinner! That's tough! And very much appreciated!

We are getting in a lot of training. The dogs have been out the last 3 days, some of them 4, and are starting to really look good. We will head out again tomorrow, and hopefully at least one day this coming weekend.

Ropphaugen Huskies also has a new sponser! We would like to welcome Dr. Tims Performance Dog Food to the team! Tim has been working very hard to get the dog food here to Norway and I have been lucky enough to get to be a part of the process! We are looking forward to a long and fun relationship!

Thanks to everyone for all the help!

Updates as Events Warrent.