Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mushing a Trip Prep

Kaia is out in the field with an adult OB group. They look great, I took the dogs and tracked the group down, bringing cookies. The dogs are doing great, Sub-chief ran with us yesterday, marking his first run back since getting munched by a bigger dog. Yesterdays was a short run, we found the group after 12 miles and then went another 3 before turning around. The trails were slick and grainy so the booties were getting shredded. The dogs looked great though.

We now have all the dogs that we are bringing to Norway with us Microchipped, and vaccinated to the strict standards of the Norwegian import authority. Now all we have left to do is Measure them to determine crate size for the trip over, and get a rabies titer done in June to make sure they have the appropriate level of the antibody in their systems.

Jedi was given the suspected diagnosis of testicular cancer last week. He is still running with me and the team, and has been continuing to do great. Interestingly, this solved a big dilema for me because I wanted to bring Jedi to Norway, but because of his age (10) I thought that it would make more sense to find him a pet home. Now, after his diagnosis and impending surgery, I want him with me and would not feel right about giving him to a friend knowing that he was ill. So maybe it was lucky, it earned him a spot to Norway! He'll make a lovely couch decoration in our cabin.

We are getting our tickets to Norway in a few weeks, once we know what our work schedule here in the states is for the summer.

Cheers, Barry

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