Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tough Choices

After much agonizing and looking it has become apparent that there is no company that will allow us to bring 11 dogs to Norway for less than $13,000. So we have unfortunately had to limit ourselves to 6 or 7 rather than the original 11 that we had planned on taking. This has meant that some incredibly hard decisions have had to be made about who stays and who comes.

The dogs that are coming for sure are: Freya and Fenris the pups. Orion, Sub-chief, Jedi, George, and possibly Ricki. It looks like we may have found some wonderfull homes for Jarvi, Casey, Koyuk, Yoda, Jesse, and Moses. These homes are really excellent and will take wonderful care of the dogs mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. It makes it a little easier knowing that they will be in such good places.

The dogs we are bringing are just a few months away from a flight from Boston to Oslo, Norway. Then Kaia, the dogs and I will drive from Oslo to our new home in Tromso, a trip of 3-4 days. We are building a dog box for Kaia's fathers truck to transport the dogs there, and then we will take the box off the truck and send it on it's long journey back to southern Norway.

Once in Tromso, we are going to start fall training with our dogs after a few days of rest. We're hoping that starting a routine with the dogs quickly will aid in their adjustment to their new surroundings and give them some much needed outlet for any residual stress from the trip.

Updates as events Warrant.
Barry and Kaia

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