Monday, August 23, 2010

Lots to do

Hello Everyone,

We are busy busy busy this time of year. The nights are getting cold, and the days are getting shorter, so we are starting to think about starting to run the dogs. I am still very busy with work, although it should start to mellow in the next several weeks.

We have started our big kennel renovations. Today we cut out all the materials for 22 dog houses that we are building. Just enough for the 22 puppies we have needing houses when they move out of the puppies pens!

The puppies are still getting out every day. They are getting really big! The oldest ones are getting bigger than our smaller adults! We have all 19 of the bigger puppies out together at the same time. Thanks to our border collie Maya, they all learned to come back when called and stick very close. They have followed her lead.

The oldies are doing well. Jedi is 15 and still amazes me by jumping up and down off of all of the dog houses in the yard. George is still an old grump. Orion and Sub-chief are getting geared up for running with the puppies this year. Orion is getting tired of the long miles that we do with the main-team and Sub-chief can't run at night because he is blind in one eye which has thrown off his depth perception. Freya is still herself, and running with the main-team.

Kaia has had a cold for a few weeks. It is probably caused by allergens in the air.

Our new dog Kajo has settled in beautifully. She is eating well and sleeping well. She is very quite and loves playing with the puppies when they are out and about. We are really looking forward to beginning to run with her.

In September I will be at the Seminar at Hakadal for mushers.

Right before the seminar we are travelling to the states for a visit. We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone! It will be good to be back in Maine for a visit.

Updates as events warrant

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