Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Fall

Hello all!

So early fall jumped to late fall without any middle time. The temps have gone from cool to cold overnight and now we have frozen ground and hard frost every night.
The dogs are training like champions this fall. We have done several hundred Km of training so far and they are just looking great. Our new dogs are exceeding expectations so far. We will see what the rest of the winter brings but, so far, we are thrilled with them.
The chainsaw has been busy getting all of the dry wood for this winter cut into stove length pieces and cutting enough green wood for next winter.
Subchief was injured by a much bigger dog. He survived the fight and the infection that followed, and is now back out in the dog yard. He weighed less than half what the other dog did. The other dog lost three teeth in the fight but is now fine.
We are looking forward to this winter very much. We are really excited to train the puppies we have gotten so familiar with and see what they are made of! We are hoping to make it to many of the races this year. We won't run the races ourselves of course, but we are really looking forward to helping out and handling. I will be writing articles for Mushing Magazine about all the races, so those of you that subscribe... keep an eye out!

We are planning a trip back to the states again this early December.

Updates as events warrent.

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