Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still waiting for snow....

We are having a great, but long, fall training season. Last year at this time we had been training on Snow for more than a week.

The dogs are looking just great, couldn't be happier with how they are doing at the moment.
We are running around 40 km per training run, with some shorter and longer stuff thrown in for fun. We will probably stay at around 40km for the rest of the fall training season as we want to avoid bad shoulders and wrist caused by the hard ground and pounding hills.

We have a new little pal here. Kodiak is here with us reccovering from a broken leg. Per and Hanne Vinding let us take him during his recovery. We think he is very cute!

We have been lucky to meet Per and Hanne! It is great to have some neighbors and friends to help out and talk smack about other dog mushers with (just kidding about the smack talk...or am I?)

We are supposed to get snow starting this evening and ending tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure about the amounts we can expect but we are hoping for a lot!

As soon as we get out on snow we will harness break our youngsters and get the craziness rolling!

We were very sad to have to say goodbye to our house dog Maya. Few dogs are as loved as Maya was by us. R.I.P Maya Maya

Updates as events warrent.

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