Thursday, December 22, 2011

Puppies, dogs and blue northerners

Hi Everyone,

Glad to be back writing some blog posts!

As I elluded to before, we have had a very hectic and very up and down autumn. I will spare everyone the grusome details of most of went wrong. I will however share
what went right!

Kaia is pregnant with our first child. She is getting a big round belly, and is healthy and happy as can be. She had her first ult
rasound last week, which I got to go to. The baby is healthy and moving around a ton. Aaaaaand... It's a boy!
We have been been thinking of names for months now. We thought we had settled on a few, but kept changing our minds. Now I think we have settled on the final name. Eivind.
It is easy to say in English, and is pronounced exactly like it is spelled. So easy for all parties.

We had some puppy litters this past summer that are looking great now. Look at some pictures! These are the Langbein X Soka puppies. They have tons of energy and this is the closest I have come to getting a completely still shot of them!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Ropphaugen

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