Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More new beginnings

So, our job in Tromso was not what we expected. So we moved down to south-eastern Norway, to train the dogs and regroup. We have been training the dogs a ton. We have nearly 200 miles on them so far this season. Mostly short stuff, we aren´t doing more than 16 miles yet. They are doing really well. Fenris and Freya have really settled down since we got to Sigdal, and have stopped running in huge teams. That seemed to be a little overwhelming for them, but longer runs with a smaller team seems to suit them very well. Kaia and I spent a bunch of time looking for new jobs and may have found something up in Lillehammer. I have not yet been to Lillehammer, we are going to check it all out tomorrow. They had the Winter Olympics there in 1994, so there are ski trails everywhere and the outdoor and dogsledding community is very big.
I have finally been able to attach pictures of our trip to Norway! So enjoy!

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