Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots to report!

So, things have worked out very well. We are now living at the kennel of Asbjørn Erdal Aase in Mesnali, Norway. We have a big house all to our own, which Kaia has been working very hard to turn into a home for us. The kennel is called Lillehammer Husky Farm, and has just 34 dogs, so a very managable number for the two of us. They are sprint dogs so the training is very fast. We can train directly out of the kennel, which makes our lives much simpler, as we don´t need to drive with the dogs to train. The winter training trails will leave from the kennel and go straight out over Sørmesna, the lake near the house. So we are very comfortable and happy here!

Also! Asbjørn has given me the opportunity to take a team made up of my dogs and his dogs, and run a 600km dogsled race in February. So our training has taken a big step up, and we are training long miles and long hours. The dogs are doing great with the increased training. The sprint dogs are learning to trot and pull, and my pups are learning to do longer runs. So very exciting. Check out the race website at femundlopet.no

Jesse has gone to live with Mr. Ben Hoops, Mrs. Amy Hoops, and all of their doggies. It is a great situation for him. Kaia and I couldn´t have asked for a better home for one of our favorite dogs.

I will try and keep updating as we get closer to the race!
Cheers from Barry, Kaia, and the gang!

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