Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is here finally. We have had some days in the high 80's and the dogs can go hours without moving a muscle. The sun us rising at 3:45 AM and setting at 10:42 PM these days. The new puppies are doing great. they have started to eat puppy kibble soaked in water, and have taken to toddling around their pens. We had a big work weekend at the kennel, and got some dog houses built and the new gate that Kaia and I built hung up, so things are starting to come together! Arne and Asbjorn are getting serious about preparing the kennel for competition in the 2011 world championship in open class sprint. The WC is taking place in Hamar which is where this kennel does most of its racing, so they seem confidant that the new puppies and possibly one more litter will set them up with two competitive teams.
Kaia and I are busy planting trees and amusing puppies. We took this past weekend off and went to Kaia's family's cabin to spend the weekend with Ingema, Bob, and Marie. Great fun was had by all, and George got some practice being a cabin dog.

We will be coming back to the States in the beginning of July. We will be there for a few weeks, so those of you back home can expect us to pop up!
Starting in early August, Kaia will start work at the Kindergarten and I will keep planting trees and begin the training training season with the dogs. We will start again in the mornings on the Four Wheeler. Kaia and I have big plans for doing a lot of fun stuff, with the dogs this year so hopefully it will snow early. Until then we are going to enjoy the sun and soak up as much vitamin D as we can before the sun sets for the winter.
Also! as soon as he is done sailing across the Atlantic our friend Mike will be coming to stay with us for a while. He has been a tropical guy for some years, so now he wants some quality winter time, and there is no place like Norway for finding quality winters.
Updates as events warrent.
Happy Summer,
Barry, Kaia, and the dogs.

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