Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Time and the living is easy.

Hey All,

The summer is in full bloom here in Eastern Norway. The weather has been warm and have used the time to get good tans and fish a lot of fish. The lake we live on has Pike and Perch in it, so we have had all of the whitefish we can eat since I started fishing in early June. In the last week I have pulled in two 3-4 pound Pike that were both over two feet long, (Herlig fiske!). Kaia, in her first three minutes fishing with me, caught a two pound perch. So the fishing is good.
The dogs are loving the fish also. They are doing very well. The little puppies are not so little anymore. Still very sweet, but full of energy and getting into trouble. If you are a shoe lace, the puppy kennel is not the place for you. Fenris and Freya have been hiking with us this summer, Fenris is proving to be much more adept at hiking with a doggy backpack than he has been as a sled dog.
Our doggy family has grown a bit again. Two dogs from this kennel have been given to us. Grim and Epo both ran with me last year in my distance team, and rather than see them leave the kennel, I asked to have them. They are very good boys and have established themselves in our team. Epo is named after the doping drug, and Grim means "ugly" in Norwegian. (We didn't name them).
My Norwegian is beginning to be pretty good. I can not yet talk of advances in medicine or rocket science, but I can have basic conversations and talk about dogsledding with no problems!
I will be back in the states on the 1st of August. Kaia is staying here to start her new job. I'm working again for Outward Bound for a few weeks when I come back, but I will make time to see everyone!
Cheers og Ha Det Bra fra Norge.

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