Monday, April 11, 2011

Ridderrenet and Spring Time

Hey Everyone,

So spring is officially here. It is sunny, and very warm. The dogs are asleep on their houses, and the kennel is almost entirely empty of snow. I have been in Beitosølen for the last week together with The Vom og Hundemat Team, we have been giving rides to people with handicaps. We had two amazing groups that the people came from. One was a youth group and the other was a newly injured group. I was impressed by their positive outlooks and real strength.

All together it was me, Marte Heilemann, Sigrid Ekran, Robert Sørlie, Elin Pedersen, Marit Stratton, Gunnar Martinsen, Hans-Petter Ruud, and Roy Storli giving rides. Roy was a part of the military that helped organize the entire week. It was a beautifull place and a wonderfull event.

We took all of Sigrids puppies with us to Beitostølen so that she could try them out and take them back to Folldall with her when we were done. We kept one of the puppies, Soline (see Right). The rest are off to her kennel to train for big races and big goals. I hope Sigrid has as much fun with them as we did while they were here.

We are really excited to have Soline, in the beginning she was not one of my favorites because she was loud and acted like kind of a bitch sometimes! She has matured into a great dog with a ton of guts. I am really excited to have her and i think she will grow up to great things!

When we were not training or running trips, the entire gang in Beitostølen sat around talking about dogs and racing and training and everything else that came up. It was a great experience to get to know the group and I hope to see them all again soon! At the very least next year at the same time and place.

Thanks to Marte Heilemann and Roy Storli for the invite. Thanks to Gunnar Martinsen for cooking dinner almost every night. Thanks to Robert Sørlie, Ellen Pedersen, Marit Stratton and Hans Petter Ruud for great conversation and company. And a Special thanks to Sigrid for letting me drive up with her and for the last year of puppy training. We are proud of these pups and thrilled to see what they become under her capable guidence.

Check out the Ridderrenet website here

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