Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wow it is warm here now.
This is the warmest April in more than 30 years. It is usually possible to continue training well into late april here. Hopefully, this warm weather now will translate into a long and cold winter next year.

The dogs are getting restless, and I am already itching to start training again.

We have two litters planned for this summer.
The first (probably), is a to breed Soka, my top leader (Below winter), to Langbein (below summer) from Robert Sørlie.
Soka comes from Ketil Reitan, and has run Finnmarksløpet two times, Femund two times, LGO once, Gausdal Maraton, Amundsen Race, and the Arctic Barents Pilot.
Langbein needs no introduction for Norwegians. He has run 5 Iditarods with team Norway, including the two winning years with Robert Sørlie. He has also run assorted other races like Finnmarksløpet and Femundløpet. We are really excited for this breeding.

The second is dependent on which female comes into heat next.

This time last year we already had 11 puppies... So it is a little strange to be without any at the moment.

Updates as events warrant...

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