Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Fall

Hey Everyone,

Fall has really hit us here in Norway. Last night we had a hard frost and the water buckets were frozen out in the dogs yard this morning. We have been training pretty consistantly for the last month and a half and are looking to push up the milage within the next week. The moose hunt is happening here in Gausdal, so we have to run late at night, but it is coldest then anyway so no big deal.

Today is the big kennel renovation day! We are getting our new kennel set up with new chains and moving all the swivels. Most of the young dogs are leaving the puppy pens and joining the big dogs in the kennel. Thank god for ear plugs.

We had a sad day on Friday. Our oldest dog and one of the Americans in the kennel died on Friday night. Jedi had an aneurism on Friday while I was petting him and lost feeling and control of his left side. He was sixteen, so we knew it was only a matter of time, but that certainly didn't make it any easier to say goodbye. He is buried on the hill overlooking the kennel beside Farmor.

This weekend we had a great time at the Hakadal Hundekjøring Seminar. The mushing seminar had Lance Mackey and Tim Hunt as speakers along with several others. It was a great weekend of talking dogs with the best of them and looking at all sorts of new and interesting gear. We have a few new sponsers and got a bunch of interesting products to test. I had a lot of personal time with Lance, Tonya and Tim and that was just a blast. Our friends Hanne and Per set up the whole weekend for us and it was just a ton of fun.

Updates as events warrant.

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