Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One gone one new

Hey All,

So one of the puppies has gone to a pet home here in the town we live in. She was just a bit big and her parents were not very good so we decided that she would make a great pet for some friends of ours who asked if we had a puppy for them. Null Coma En is now called Tinka and is going to learn to pull a pulk and go skiing this winter. We hope she has fun and look forward to keeping an eye on her as she grows and learns!

yesterday we had a new member join our little team here. Lille Moon comes to us from Øyvind Mortensen. She has joined Danse's puppies in there pen as she is the same age and size as they are. We will let her out running with all the rest this afternoon.

I will be in the states from the 10th until the 19th.
Thanks to Bjørn, Per and Hanna, and Iben Kardel for feeding a training the dogs while we are gone!

Updates as events Warrant

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