Friday, September 3, 2010

Low Temps low miles

Hey There everyone,

We are now in the grips of the unstoppable pull towards winter. Yesterday we experienced our first frost of the year. It is cold enough in the evenings now to run without worrying about over heating the pooches.

We are training regularly now and the dogs are looking great. I have not seen a team look so good so early in the season. That is something that I hope bodes well for the upcoming winer season.

The pups are getting big. The biggest boys are starting to eat outside of the puppy pen with the big dogs. We do this so that their times out in the big dog yard is associated with something positive. After they are finished eating we let them relax for a while and then put them back in with the rest of the puppies.

I hipe everyone is enjoying the early fall.

Updates as events warrant.

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