Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey Everyone

Well it has been a fun few weeks. Kaia has been off on Easter Vacation for a week, and the dogs have been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures.

The training season is totally over for now. We will take a few months off and start on truck training again in August.

We said goodbye to Harry last week. Not to worry though, he is back leading tourist trips with Ketil Reitan. We tried Harry for an entire winter and decided that, even though he was a good dog with a lot of heart, he just didn't suit. We had a lot of fun with Harry and we are glad that he is enjoying himself back on his home turf.

While one dog went, another came back! Sprint (See right and up) came beack to us from the previous kennel we worked at. He was one of my main guys while I was there, running through the Gausdal Maraton race with me two years in a row. That Kennel is selling out of dogs, and Sprint was taken as a trade for Barry posting the dogs up for sale in the US. Sprint has a lot of history. Not just with me but here in Norway. Sprint has run (and won) the Femundløpet, Norwegian Sprint Championships, European Sprint championships, Swedish Sprint Championships, Pirena Race, and Finnmarksløpet. He ran the Femund and Finnmark with Robert Sørlie. So this is a dog with a nice resumè! It is good to have the old guy back! He will stand as a stud at Ropphaugen Huskies. Price for breeding? 10,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. (worth a try)

The rest of the dogs are doing great. the girls with the longest coats, Soline and Moon (see below) are rather too warm, but are all in all quite content to sleep and bark the days away.

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